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Mental Health

Mental health is the foundation of our overall well-being in the rainbow of human experience. Resilience, clarity, and joy are fostered when this delicate balance is preserved. But in the rush of contemporary life, this balance frequently runs into difficulties. Mental health issues can arise from a variety of sources, including biological characteristics, stress, trauma, […]

Eye health

Eye Health The eye is the organ of vision that lies inside the orbital cavity, which protects the eye from injuries. People often refer to the eye as the window of the world. The eye’s main and important function is to detect light and convert it into an electrochemical impulse. The retina collects all types […]

Fitness & Health

Fitness and health are pursuits that serve as a ray of hope and resilience in a world where it seems like life is happening faster and faster. Physical fitness and overall health are fundamentally a mutually supportive partnership that aids in the pursuit of overall well-being. This thorough investigation explores the complex relationships between health […]


Sleep is an essential factor for all living organisms, it is as important as water, oxygen, and food. While you sleep, your mind reduces your responsive time, putting you in a state of consciousness. Our body goes through different processes when we are sleeping. It is a vital and natural process that allows the body […]



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